Equity Crowdfunding Updates: March 2016

As an early Easter present, Beauhurst has released ‘The Deal’, its 2015 report on UK high growth companies and their investors. In good news for crowdfunding platforms everywhere, the report clearly states that “crowdfunding’s impact is now really being felt”.  Analysing and breaking-down announced and unannounced deals in the equity crowdfunding market, Beauhurst outlines the […]

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Alternative Finance Industry Update: February 2016

Earlier in February, the University of Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance in conjunction with Nesta released their 2015 report on the development of alternative finance. With a focus on the UK, the report, entitled “Pushing Boundaries”, highlights the enormous growth the industry experienced last year. Let us step you through the important trends and movements in […]

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Are the Proposed Australian Tax Incentives Really That Attractive?

Australia has made a step in the right direction into becoming an “ideas and innovation ecosystem”, however, the reliefs offered to investors and backers of early stage businesses are fairly unfavourable compared to the SEIS and EIS relief offered in the UK. It is well documented that the Australian government has used the UK approach […]

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Equity Crowdfunding and Your Super

Equitise’s home-turf, Australia, offers an interesting alternative to a standard superannuation scheme: the possibility of self-managing your own retirement fund. Rather than placing your savings in a professionally managed fund, a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) provides greater control and discretion over your retirement savings. SMSFs have risen in popularity over the past decade and are […]

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Risks of Private-Company Investments

Equity crowdfunding, like any investment, bears a certain amount of risk. Being aware of these potential risks can help you be more of an astute investor, and less of a blind risk-taker. Are All Companies on Equitise’s Platform Built the Same? Absolutely not! Gone are the days when crowdfunding was a tool used only by […]

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Equity Crowdfunding Global State of Play: January 2016

Equity crowdfunding regulation continues to develop rapidly as governments across the globe recognise the economic benefits it delivers. This surge in regulatory response to equity crowdfunding worldwide reflects a growing demand from businesses for readily-accessible capital. We’ll step you through the latest movements you need to be aware of. USA: SEC Reg. A+ In the […]

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New Zealand’s Equity Crowdfunding Experts

At Equitise we love to see the development of the equity crowdfunding space in New Zealand and Australia. We’ve seen some great operators set up shop, and thought we would make a few quick recommendations. The below post is written by the business analyst guru himself, Nathan Rose from Value My Venture. Who? Getting ready […]

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