The NXT Market – Some More Info

This is another post I put together for the Equitise Blog further explaining New Zealand’s new alternative market. Some more juice on the NXT The recent launch of the nascent NXT market is an exciting addition to New Zealand’s capital markets. It provides a platform for small and medium sized businesses to access the benefits of ‘going […]

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Alternative Markets – What is the NXT?

This article is taken from one I’ve done on our Equitise blog about the new alternative market (or “licensed market operator” under the FMCA) in New Zealand. Is that another name for Netflix No, but good try. The NXT board, targeting companies in the $10 million to $100 million market capitalisation range, was launched in […]

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Equity Crowdfunding: The Australian State of Play

As you’re probably aware a lot has been happening in Australia as of late. We’ve had a change in government, and few controversial statements, all that juicy political stuff! So what does this mean for equity crowdfunding? Well, actually it’s got bipartisan support, and it’s still on the government’s agenda, at the top of the […]

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