Eve – A Short Story

Introduction After “launching” this blog, the reactions to my first post about Emma Watson’s UN speech were interesting; a good friend sent me an email straight after saying “I’M SORRY FOR BEING A MAN WILL”, which made me laugh, another sent me a link to a good Ted Talk, a girl whom I respect immensely […]

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The Internet of….. Things ?

The internet of things is amazing, and it’s coming, fast. It’s the age of efficiency and a concept that furthers the progress of the democratisation of the economy, while also potentially ushering in a passively consented to Orwellian Era. I’ll put a proper post up shortly, but in the interim, a quote on the future […]

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Crowd Funding – An Introduction

The background I initially started this blog post with a breakdown of peer to peer economics platforms, and how I hoped such things would change the market, and society. But to be honest I think most people only want to read 500-800 words of another person’s thoughts.  So, I’m going to post one on each […]

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